We all wander to find our inner peace and be happy with ourselves. Someone does that in their mind, someone is traveling the world. Both of those ways have the same destination – be free and happy with yourself. We truly need some changes in our life at some moment in time, wheater they are big or small, they can help us understanding what we really want with our life, how we want to live it, who we want in it. We need to keep moving, going forward because this is the only way for us to find a true happiness and freedom, either from the rest of the world or, more importantly, from our own mind.

Live your life on your own terms, don’t worry and be happy and remember this: poker faces are everywhere now.

You gave me a realization that we are not apart. That we are the same in every moment. You are not better than me, nor I am in any way better than you. I respect you, as through you I see divine love.

There is no explanation needed. I just know. I know the truth without any words. Everything is good, because all I wanted to discover, all I was searched for is inside of me.

I am not a seeker who needs a help. I never was. I am the one who gives. I can feel you. The same purpose. I am not lost. I am here to support your call and learn from you. I am here to learn how to become the better person and how always to be in a peace with the world.

I love you.

They are saying that your life path is already written for you and that you can’t take big decisions. Smaller one yes, like do you want to go left or right, but the bigger one that shaped your life aren’t yours. For the other one, this is hard to accept, but the reality could be much different.

When you were spirit out of the body, with high awareness connected to the whole Universe (being the one with the Universe) you were able to choose what do you want to live through. You had a goal what you want to achieve and experience and then you created your story called life. In the essence, souls are the love because they are made and connected to the source and they can’t be greedy. They won’t choose good and easy life for you if you tortured other people in the past life. The soul needs to get rid of the misery in order to reach the liberation.

You are your own guide. Nobody else chose where you are going to be except you. You, but in the form that you can’t remember. The point of this life is to find out what purpose you gave to yourself before coming here. Trust yourself. Maybe you will ask – Why I chose to be miserable?

If for example in a past life you did many bad things, kill people, it the next life your soul need to make that right, to cleaned a bad karma you accumulated. Your soul will with intention choose to feel the pain in order to learn from that. Each step you take have the purpose to clean your karma and liberate you. For someone that process will least longer maybe a few lifetimes, and for others shorter.

So from now on when you don’t like some situation in your life don’t blame God or anyone else. You decided that for yourself before coming here. Next time when you face difficulties instead of blaming, ask yourself why I wanted myself to go through this pain, what was the goal to learn. And then go even further and think how your soul made a plan for you to reach higher awareness… is that through paying your debt for the past actions, serving other people, learning to love and sharing the love.

Trust the path, learn from it! God didn’t give you challenges, you did. You and Universe are the one, do not forget that.

Some time ago I asked my beautiful Guru “Do we need a love relationship with other people?

The questions that bothered me were next:

1. If you feel love toward everything what would be the difference between that one and the one with your partner?

2. Is it just a concept that this love should be different? Is the love relationship just one more concept we created?

3. Is the love relationship like a karmic duty that needs to happen?

He told me I will get my answers as soon as possible. And even I thought I got them he showed me once again that I am still learning 🙂
The answers to important questions never come as easy one. So what after all I can tell regarding my previous concerns.


1. If you feel love toward everything what would be the difference between that one and the one with your partner?

This person is here to make you understand the love on a deeper level that you didn’t know that exists.
Through this person, you will receive the love from Heaven (unconditional love, pure one). He (this person in my case) will become your mirror and the most beautiful God artwork (call it God, Higher energy or whatever. I used God just to express my thought.)

If this person is pure, if you have the unconditional love relationship, then you have one more person to teach you, one more channel for receiving energy.  That person is a higher reminder for all love you shared with the world. Appreciation for all good you planted. The result of overall creation, light, and beauty.

Yes, you should look at this person as the higher being, because he is that. Your higher self, beautiful life.


2. Is it just a concept that this love should be different? Is the love relationship just one more concept we created?

I cannot for sure say if this is a concept or not, but for sure it helps you to see one thing – There are not types of love. If it is unconditional it is unconditional. It will just help you to reach infinity much easier.

Nobody says you can’t do it alone, but in this way two souls are developed, energy is stronger.

And one day through partner you will learn how to become a parent to the whole Planet.

Once we understand the love of Universe and love for our Planet it will become one love. One love for everything and everyone.


3. Is the love relationship like a karmic duty that needs to happen?

We are all different and not everyone can provoke spiritual awakening in you. And yes, it is karma. Karma that you created.

If you wish help and support on your spiritual path it will come. It could come as a partner, friend, parent, brother, sister or a whole family. Do not worry why they came in your life, just believe that there is a reason and your answer will come in time.

Stay still, believe that everything is as it should be and never forget to respect all people who came into your life. All of them have a lessons or messages for you and even more important they are you… THE SAME LOVE AND LIGHT.


M says karma sends you where you should be. Somehow I believe in that. I admire my life which throws me on all sides, and I still see love in everything. Because whatever happens you can always have a choice which way you wanna look. Are you going to open your eyes for suffering or the heart for love?

I know it’s not always easy to look positive when the life pushes you out of the comfort zone but isn’t that wonderful… when you see your strength and smile above all. When you dress all your worries in love and then you say:

Thank you for every experience and challenge you brought to me.

Thank you for believing in my strength and helping me to make all decision from the heart.

Lov ya.

You should give a hand to a people, the hand that will help them to find their way. 
You should listen to a people, so they can find their piece.
Also, attention should be given to a people and hope as well, so they can find a faith in what they do.

We are all created from the same light, the source overspread us, like a river that continues to flow. There is no one life, it flows. As a river to river. It is always the way we created it, it’s always fulfilled with unconditional love and happiness.

The only question is the perception of everything that surrounds us, that we feel, and how much we allow our mind to control us. The mind doesn’t possess us, we own the mind, that is what we should always have in mind.

For sure I won’t be able to cover all fields of responsibility, but the one I want to talk about is the responsibility of making “wrong” decisions.

First, ask yourself who is deciding what is right and what is wrong. Most of the time our mind. From the childhood, we learn what is good and what is bad, but my experience tells me that right and wrong are so unstable categories. In one country something is acceptable what in another country is against all rules. So good and bad things in our head are created by society. When you feel in your heart that something is wrong, be sure that you shouldn’t do it.

Now when we understand ancestry of decisions that we call  good and bad, we can talk about responsibility. You see, we humans like to believe that we are so important, that we rule the world, that we are the rulers of our own life, but you know, we are not. Many times you believe that you made a decision, or that you are making decisions all the time. Look better, can you see a correlation between situations in your life.

I didn’t pay attention to those things before, but now it becomes clearer that where I am now is not by the accident, and for sure I was forced to make that kind of decision that lead me here where I am now. Come on take a few minutes and remember about great decisions you had to make. How did you come to those decisions?

Why is this important to understand. People are suffering from making bad decisions their whole life, even so, they are carrying that sorrow their whole life. They cannot accept “their mistake”, they always think what if I could do something differently. If I just made other decisions, that person will still be alive. I am sorry for referring to such big decision, but it is clearer to understand it.

You see if, for example, you had a situation where you had to choose between two persons, like potential partners and you decide to choose the first one and reject another one. And by making that decision you impact to another person life. The other person might choose the awful partner after you. One that beats her or do bad things, maybe even kill her. And imagine if that really happen would you feel responsible for your decision.  Probably you will if you don’t understand how the life works.

Let’s say that you stay together with the chosen partner just month or two. Then in your head things become even worst. But stop for a minute and think. That was just one big play. The role of partner you chose was not to allow you to interfere with another person’s karma. There is the reason why she (another person) needed to go through that. It was not your call. You didn’t pull a trigger.

Do not feel responsible for the things  you didn’t choose, do not feel responsible for other people’s karma. Nobody dies if they don’t have to. You know those people who do crazy things and they are still alive, well they still have their purpose in this life. When they drain their karma they will move on. Dying is nothing more than changing a form. If someone had a hard life or is saved from a hard life be happy for them, send them your love, not sorrow.

The only thing what you can take to another life is love, not material things, not experience, not knowledge. So please, if one person die do not feel responsible, instead send as much love as you can and say:

Forgive me, but I cannot feel responsible for what happened to you because now I know it was not my call. You will always be in my heart as a beautiful light. I am sending you unconditional love, purified through my heart and I want to tell you that I love you and I am letting you go. Go, be love and share love. Go and fulfill your purpose, as I will fulfill mine. Amen.

Human as an individual has emotions, has feelings, that wants to show. Sometimes he can, sometimes he cannot. He tries to satisfy himself and by doing that he hurts other people, and what is worse, rejects them from himself. Then he falls into depression, isolation from the rest of the world, everyone are guilty for him because of that, he asks a God why this is happening to him.

This kind of human doesn’t know and he’s not aware what he wants, because of one thing that is standing in his way. That thing is ego, his brain, his messy and ‘must be like that’ thoughts. Everything comes from thoughts. Everything that person is imagining, everything that he’s thinking about. When the thoughts are messy ego is unhappy, and with it, unhappiness comes.

Think now about fulfilled love. Yes, it exists and you know what? It’s free.
Here is the problem. A human with ego and messy thoughts doesn’t know that. He wants this love only for himself because he was learned like that.

We all want the love. But, the real question is how we want it. Human must gravitate towards the unconditional love, to share it, to give it, to spread it without limitations and conditions. If he can manage that, then he will find true happiness.

You may ask how? If you asking now, then you may review your own thoughts.

– Nikola –

When you have unconditional love you cannot wish things that could hurt other people. It helps you to understand their emotions and your own emotions more clearly.

This kind of love breaks all concepts, like the one you mentioned: “We want love for ourselves”.
When you are constantly surrounded by the love you don’t feel afraid to share it with other people. Actually, you get a desire to help them reach it by themselves.

– Ivana –

First, you experience the love with another person. You feel lite, happiness, feeling that you could do anything. Like there is no boundaries. You become ready to concrete the world. And all of that you feel thanks to one special person.

You share positive energy with that person and radiate love towards everyone. That state of love and freedom is truly a blessing.  You let go all of your worries, your personality, you merge your soul with another person. Feeling like you could give life for that love.

The freedom that you get from the love is truly amazing. You lose your shape because you feel 100% comfortable with that person. But if you are not aware of the game your brain is going to give you after that sensation you are going to suffer. The fear will arise every time your love is not near you, you will project things that didn’t happen. You will feel lost without that person.

Only the brain is the tool that can lift you up so high and then throw you to the lowest vibration. Only your brain can do it, not another person! One could be faithful to you, but if you create a believing that your partner is with someone else you destroy everything.

Does this sound like love? Like a truly love you seek for?

On the harder way, I learned that this is not love, it is an addiction, just an emotional game. It has nothing to do with love. The unconditional love.

Do you know what the word unconditional means?

It means you could love even if the world falls apart, even if the one do bad things to you. Many people think that this is a weakness, but NO, that is the lightest power you can have. Let them think whatever they want to, and love them even more. Because of them, your calm heart becomes more purified.

Use the experience of love you had for another person and apply it to yourself. Love yourself, love your life. Be inspired by that love. Nobody is going to love you more than you can love yourself. Fall in love with yourself every day. Do crazy things for yourself like you would do for someone else.

How other people fits in that love concept?

Once you fall in unconditional love you will be ready to share it with other people. You will be like a messenger for spreading the love.


How the concept of love partners fits in this picture?

If you feel love toward everything what would be the difference between that one and the one with your partner?

Is it just a concept that this love should be different?
Is the love relationship just one more concept we created?
Is the love relationship like a karmic duty that needs to happen?

I don’t see the differences between love relationship and any other kind of relationship. The only difference I can see is physical part and reproduction purpose. 

You don’t need a guide to show you the road to prosperity because the guidance is inside of you. If you feel lost, accept help from the people who will teach you to read signs.

Those who want to carry you all along the way (who’d like you depend on them) are not people from who you can learn.

Find your independence, learn how to detach from the emotions, thoughts, people and material things.
Accept only the teachings that set you FREE!