Nikola Zivkovic

We all wander to find our inner peace and be happy with ourselves. Someone does that in their mind, someone is traveling the world. Both of those ways have the same destination – be free and happy with yourself. We truly need some changes in our life at some moment in time, wheater they are big or small, they can help us understanding what we really want with our life, how we want to live it, who we want in it. We need to keep moving, going forward because this is the only way for us to find a true happiness and freedom, either from the rest of the world or, more importantly, from our own mind.

Live your life on your own terms, don’t worry and be happy and remember this: poker faces are everywhere now.

You should give a hand to a people, the hand that will help them to find their way. 
You should listen to a people, so they can find their piece.
Also, attention should be given to a people and hope as well, so they can find a faith in what they do.

We are all created from the same light, the source overspread us, like a river that continues to flow. There is no one life, it flows. As a river to river. It is always the way we created it, it’s always fulfilled with unconditional love and happiness.

The only question is the perception of everything that surrounds us, that we feel, and how much we allow our mind to control us. The mind doesn’t possess us, we own the mind, that is what we should always have in mind.

Human as an individual has emotions, has feelings, that wants to show. Sometimes he can, sometimes he cannot. He tries to satisfy himself and by doing that he hurts other people, and what is worse, rejects them from himself. Then he falls into depression, isolation from the rest of the world, everyone are guilty for him because of that, he asks a God why this is happening to him.

This kind of human doesn’t know and he’s not aware what he wants, because of one thing that is standing in his way. That thing is ego, his brain, his messy and ‘must be like that’ thoughts. Everything comes from thoughts. Everything that person is imagining, everything that he’s thinking about. When the thoughts are messy ego is unhappy, and with it, unhappiness comes.

Think now about fulfilled love. Yes, it exists and you know what? It’s free.
Here is the problem. A human with ego and messy thoughts doesn’t know that. He wants this love only for himself because he was learned like that.

We all want the love. But, the real question is how we want it. Human must gravitate towards the unconditional love, to share it, to give it, to spread it without limitations and conditions. If he can manage that, then he will find true happiness.

You may ask how? If you asking now, then you may review your own thoughts.

– Nikola –

When you have unconditional love you cannot wish things that could hurt other people. It helps you to understand their emotions and your own emotions more clearly.

This kind of love breaks all concepts, like the one you mentioned: “We want love for ourselves”.
When you are constantly surrounded by the love you don’t feel afraid to share it with other people. Actually, you get a desire to help them reach it by themselves.

– Ivana –