First, you experience the love with another person. You feel lite, happiness, feeling that you could do anything. Like there is no boundaries. You become ready to concrete the world. And all of that you feel thanks to one special person.

You share positive energy with that person and radiate love towards everyone. That state of love and freedom is truly a blessing.  You let go all of your worries, your personality, you merge your soul with another person. Feeling like you could give life for that love.

The freedom that you get from the love is truly amazing. You lose your shape because you feel 100% comfortable with that person. But if you are not aware of the game your brain is going to give you after that sensation you are going to suffer. The fear will arise every time your love is not near you, you will project things that didn’t happen. You will feel lost without that person.

Only the brain is the tool that can lift you up so high and then throw you to the lowest vibration. Only your brain can do it, not another person! One could be faithful to you, but if you create a believing that your partner is with someone else you destroy everything.

Does this sound like love? Like a truly love you seek for?

On the harder way, I learned that this is not love, it is an addiction, just an emotional game. It has nothing to do with love. The unconditional love.

Do you know what the word unconditional means?

It means you could love even if the world falls apart, even if the one do bad things to you. Many people think that this is a weakness, but NO, that is the lightest power you can have. Let them think whatever they want to, and love them even more. Because of them, your calm heart becomes more purified.

Use the experience of love you had for another person and apply it to yourself. Love yourself, love your life. Be inspired by that love. Nobody is going to love you more than you can love yourself. Fall in love with yourself every day. Do crazy things for yourself like you would do for someone else.

How other people fits in that love concept?

Once you fall in unconditional love you will be ready to share it with other people. You will be like a messenger for spreading the love.


How the concept of love partners fits in this picture?

If you feel love toward everything what would be the difference between that one and the one with your partner?

Is it just a concept that this love should be different?
Is the love relationship just one more concept we created?
Is the love relationship like a karmic duty that needs to happen?

I don’t see the differences between love relationship and any other kind of relationship. The only difference I can see is physical part and reproduction purpose. 

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