With or without intention we are sharing what we have, our inner feelings, our thoughts or overall emotions. All of these are just energy waves that float from the earth to the universe and back.

If you know that something is changing, feel responsible and spread the positive energy to the world. If you feel strong enough help others. Plant as many seeds of love as you can. Grow the love in others and in yourself.

This world is full of people who are just trying to survive the life. Give them a hand and be the channel for messages they need to receive. All you have to do is to stay in a state of love and help for them will come through you.

Bless you!

You can’t suffer in the past nor the future, you can only suffer in the present moment.

Accept a situation as it is, embrace it and say I love you no matter how much it hurts. I love you and I am grateful because you taught me how to accept myself and how to convert hate into a love.

You can’t hate a person that you really loved. The only thing you can do is to lie and hurt yourself. Accept it and continue growing the love you have inside you.

Get rid of the need for a merger with another soul. Only when you get detached of that need completely, when you become free and happy without yearning for the energy boost (love or sexual boost) that occurs in interaction with other people, you will be free to get forward with your path.

When you embrace love within yourself, you will be able to come back and have emotional interaction with someone once again.

You won’t be willing to come back and get involved in those strong emotions, but this time it will be the higher level energy.

Get rid of the burden and love-energy games while you’re still operating at the low level consciousness.

When you look under the surface, there is no you. There is only an energy, like one field and you are just different vibration.

And when you realize that, you ask yourself what is the importance of the life? When nothing is mine, when everything is one? Why should I try to be different, what is the meaning of my actions?

And after all sad emotions, you wake up in the morning feeling happy for being there, loving the life as it is.

Life is the collection of moments. Each moment is the reason of your existence. Love those moments and experience it in the best possible way.

When we say helping others it means being a divine tool for help.

Going through this process you will receive new insights and be objective part of someone’s life.

Remember that the situation has nothing to do with you. Do not attach to it. You are just a messenger, higher support to the other soul.

As long as you feel particular emotions you will keep coming to them all over again until you drain it all. Once you lose and forget them you will continue in the other direction.

Once you drain your karma you fulfilled your purpose and you don’t have a reason to come back.

In other words, your emotions and desires produce karma. Try to feel and leave through the whole situation, don’t cut it when is still warm. When emotions are cooled down you may walk away.