For sure I won’t be able to cover all fields of responsibility, but the one I want to talk about is the responsibility of making “wrong” decisions.

First, ask yourself who is deciding what is right and what is wrong. Most of the time our mind. From the childhood, we learn what is good and what is bad, but my experience tells me that right and wrong are so unstable categories. In one country something is acceptable what in another country is against all rules. So good and bad things in our head are created by society. When you feel in your heart that something is wrong, be sure that you shouldn’t do it.

Now when we understand ancestry of decisions that we call  good and bad, we can talk about responsibility. You see, we humans like to believe that we are so important, that we rule the world, that we are the rulers of our own life, but you know, we are not. Many times you believe that you made a decision, or that you are making decisions all the time. Look better, can you see a correlation between situations in your life.

I didn’t pay attention to those things before, but now it becomes clearer that where I am now is not by the accident, and for sure I was forced to make that kind of decision that lead me here where I am now. Come on take a few minutes and remember about great decisions you had to make. How did you come to those decisions?

Why is this important to understand. People are suffering from making bad decisions their whole life, even so, they are carrying that sorrow their whole life. They cannot accept “their mistake”, they always think what if I could do something differently. If I just made other decisions, that person will still be alive. I am sorry for referring to such big decision, but it is clearer to understand it.

You see if, for example, you had a situation where you had to choose between two persons, like potential partners and you decide to choose the first one and reject another one. And by making that decision you impact to another person life. The other person might choose the awful partner after you. One that beats her or do bad things, maybe even kill her. And imagine if that really happen would you feel responsible for your decision.  Probably you will if you don’t understand how the life works.

Let’s say that you stay together with the chosen partner just month or two. Then in your head things become even worst. But stop for a minute and think. That was just one big play. The role of partner you chose was not to allow you to interfere with another person’s karma. There is the reason why she (another person) needed to go through that. It was not your call. You didn’t pull a trigger.

Do not feel responsible for the things  you didn’t choose, do not feel responsible for other people’s karma. Nobody dies if they don’t have to. You know those people who do crazy things and they are still alive, well they still have their purpose in this life. When they drain their karma they will move on. Dying is nothing more than changing a form. If someone had a hard life or is saved from a hard life be happy for them, send them your love, not sorrow.

The only thing what you can take to another life is love, not material things, not experience, not knowledge. So please, if one person die do not feel responsible, instead send as much love as you can and say:

Forgive me, but I cannot feel responsible for what happened to you because now I know it was not my call. You will always be in my heart as a beautiful light. I am sending you unconditional love, purified through my heart and I want to tell you that I love you and I am letting you go. Go, be love and share love. Go and fulfill your purpose, as I will fulfill mine. Amen.