They are saying that your life path is already written for you and that you can’t take big decisions. Smaller one yes, like do you want to go left or right, but the bigger one that shaped your life aren’t yours. For the other one, this is hard to accept, but the reality could be much different.

When you were spirit out of the body, with high awareness connected to the whole Universe (being the one with the Universe) you were able to choose what do you want to live through. You had a goal what you want to achieve and experience and then you created your story called life. In the essence, souls are the love because they are made and connected to the source and they can’t be greedy. They won’t choose good and easy life for you if you tortured other people in the past life. The soul needs to get rid of the misery in order to reach the liberation.

You are your own guide. Nobody else chose where you are going to be except you. You, but in the form that you can’t remember. The point of this life is to find out what purpose you gave to yourself before coming here. Trust yourself. Maybe you will ask – Why I chose to be miserable?

If for example in a past life you did many bad things, kill people, it the next life your soul need to make that right, to cleaned a bad karma you accumulated. Your soul will with intention choose to feel the pain in order to learn from that. Each step you take have the purpose to clean your karma and liberate you. For someone that process will least longer maybe a few lifetimes, and for others shorter.

So from now on when you don’t like some situation in your life don’t blame God or anyone else. You decided that for yourself before coming here. Next time when you face difficulties instead of blaming, ask yourself why I wanted myself to go through this pain, what was the goal to learn. And then go even further and think how your soul made a plan for you to reach higher awareness… is that through paying your debt for the past actions, serving other people, learning to love and sharing the love.

Trust the path, learn from it! God didn’t give you challenges, you did. You and Universe are the one, do not forget that.